Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phoenix Homes destroys lives.

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Phoenix Homes will destroy lives! They have a strategy of signing you off on a property lot and ask you for four equal deposits on the house, once per month for four months. After which, their marketing technique is to bring you into their decorating centre by appointment. 

At Phoenix Homes decorating centre they will take the largest chunk of your money that you have ever witnesses in your life! You soon find out that what you bought is not a Phoenix Home but the skeleton of a new build home. You discover that the simplest of objects and function in a house is an UPGRADE and will cost more to install.

Phoenix Homes will give you the granite counter tops for free as a standard because they OWN the manufacturing plant and get the counters really cheap. Then Phoenix Homes will rack in the money from you because they don't offer hardwood floors as standard, like ALL THE OTHER new builders do, but not Phoenix Homes. 

They promise you that shall you get to the end and you feel uncomfortable about the Phoenix Homes expense, then they would give you the deposit back that you made over the first four months, but they don't! They wouldn't dare. It is a serious chunk of changes and they plan to keep it, if there was the slightest chance you'd break out. Phoenix Homes CAN and WILL lie to your face that they would give you back the money.

Do some reviews, comments and feedback on Phoenix Homes in Ottawa, Ontario Canada before buying. There may be reasons why this newer company is 'looking good' compared to more established companies, but they have the downside of really really wanting to stab you in the back for what you are worth. A Phoenix Home means to go in with a lot of money and have no care in the world what the price will be from the developer and have no care over the new build homes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

INTRO Reviews on Phoenix Homes Ottawa Ontario Canada

There has been nothing more frustrating than making the largest investment of your life, a home and finding out the truth about companies like Phoenix Homes after the purchase. I've created this public opinion for those doing research on Phoenix Homes in Ottawa Ontario Canada or close areas because there are none currently online.

My initial experience with the company is that it was a new builder of quality. Phoenix Homes has higher grade quality to the counters, bathroom and other areas of the developers product (homes). They had the top in Ottawa, Ontario for this and they were worth the investment.

Upon closer inspection and several visits to decide which property lot was the best, I started to get an eerie feeling about how they run their business. The sales office of Phoenix Homes in Ottawa had people that were easily tempered. These people at the front lines are incredibly ruthless. 

Phoenix Homes tells you that you have little to worry about when buying a home, to just listen to them and shut up. You shouldn't ask questions like is there property tax in the first year on a developers new build home! People often wonder if there is property tax on a developers new build homes because it seems impossible to understand the value of the community that is not there, the value of a home and the land, when it is partly based on trends of the area too. You are not to ask Phoenix Homes these questions, just shut up and listen to the Sales Office BLINDLY. 

New builders and developers like Phoenix Homes in Ottawa, Ontario Canada don't have your interest at heart.