Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Build Homes Ottawa Ontario

New build homes in Ottawa Ontario are on the rise. The value of homes will continue to soar for a long time, as the economy will remain strong with the oil in Alberta and other factors occurring. Mortgages have been made easier to get over a long period of time to pay back.
There won't be a stop to the market for a long while... but be care when buying a new build home in Ottawa Ontario.

There are many to pick from like Richcraft, Phoenix Homes, Maybury, etc but they all have hidden secrets and you must be going into this financially strong.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Richcraft New Build Homes Developer

A federally incorporated enterprise, founded in 1983 by its
still-serving president, Kris Singhal, Richcraft is a
family owned, diversified real estate/development company
located in Canada's national capital, Ottawa.

With more than 6,000 homes built in the region, Richcraft
is one of Ottawa’s largest builders. For the last four
years the company has constructed in excess of 600 new
homes annually. Richcraft has built homes and communities
in metro Ottawa, Nepean, Gloucester, Kanata, Cumberland,
and in the Town of Aylmer, Quebec, across the
Ottawa River.

Richcraft retains the largest inventory of privately owned
development land in the Ottawa region, maintaining more
than 3,000 acres of residential, commercial and industrial
property. The company also owns and manages 200,000 square
feet of office, retail and warehouse facilities.

With its vast residential, commercial and industrial
holdings, coupled with significant banks of land throughout
the National Capital Region, it is clear Richcraft has an
enviable base from which to forge land and community
development strategies for years to come.
Telephone: (613) 739-7111
Fax: fax: (613) 739-7102
Cell Phone:
Address: 2280 St. Laurent Blvd.